Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lewis Carroll Information - Downloads

1982 - George MacDonald and Lewis Carroll 

by R.B. Shaberman

1984 - Lewis Carroll as a Probabilist and Mathematrician 

by E. Seneta

1999 - Lewis Carroll Wonderlands: Utopia and Heterotopia in Alive's Adventures in Wonderland

by Christina Ferreira Laterza

2005 The Neurology of Alice

By Andrew Larner

2007 - Synaptic Boojums: Lewis Carroll, Linguistic Nonsense, and Cyberpunk

by Jennifer Kelso Farrell

2008 - Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

by Erin Reeves

2008 - Looking-Glass Reflections - Norms in translating Lewis Carroll

by Alice Martin

2009 - On a Probability Problem of Lewis Carroll

by Nicholas Vakhania

2010 - Playing Around in Lewis Carroll’s Alice Books

by Jan Susina

2011 - 3E Lewis Carroll Puzzles

by The University of Hawaii

2011 - Alice in Wonderland: Development of Alice’s Identity within Adaptations

Finn-Henning Johannessenbr

2012 - Epic Alice: Lewis Carroll and the Homeric Tradition

by Alyssa Caswell Mimbs

2014 - Lewis Carroll & Alice

by Callum James Books

2015 - Lewis Carroll, Education and the Teaching of Geometry in Victorian England

by Rafael Montoito

A Conversation with Lewis Carroll

by Ezra Brown

Alice’s Vacillation between Childhood and Adolescence in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

by Jenny Karlsson

Can You Make Sense of This Well Known Poem?

Andrew Clements

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Lewis Carroll Political Economist

by Mary Ann Dimand

Staging Childhood: Lewis Carroll's Costumed Photographs of Children

The Musical

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